who is the lemon lady?

The Lemon Lady has two core services : brokerage services and tax services

Charné van der Walt is the "lemon lady" and she says...

"it is an honor for me to be personally involved with each of my client's finances and in such a way that the client takes ownership in the process in creating wealth - one of the ways I achieve this is to convert highly technical financial knowledge into easy-to-understand language and suggest ways to apply principles of financial planning within the client's own frame of reference, experience and personality

my passion is that clients instinctively apply the 'lemons into lemonade' concept in every aspect of their finances; to see them save on policies or pay debt off quicker; to understand their investments; setting up realistic short term goals that build the client’s financial confidence; to see clients take over certain actions like completing their own tax return forms or run a business effectively by implementing very simple systems"

Charné serves South Africans worldwide via an email based practice

for a short version of The Lemon Lady’s CV, please click here (191KB)