services and fees

The Lemon Lady has two core services : brokerage services and tax services

brokerage services include :

  • life and disability insurance policies; income protectors
  • consolidation of policies (align client’s needs with actual cover and to save on premiums)
  • investments like retirement annuities and unit trusts
  • determination of what death & other cover you need (through estate and other analysis)
  • what you can afford (through budget planning)
  • estate planning, wills and trusts

tax services include :

  • tax returns (annual income tax; provisional tax; PAYE; UIF; VAT; dividend declarations)
  • financial statements and tax advice for individuals and small business owners
  • turnover tax advice and registrations
  • income confirmations and BEE letters
  • general tax administration (tax clearances; various tax registrations; SARS visits)
  • Company registrations/amendments and CC amendments

other services I offer include :

  • business plans
  • design and implementation of administration systems
  • business mediation (facilitate meetings of a financial nature between business partners and married couples)

services I do not offer :

  • forex investments
  • medical aids

for a summary of The Lemon Lady's hourly fees, click here (462KB)

for a more detailed description on some of the services mentioned above, click here (180KB)