a passion for financial order!

"lemons into lemonade financial planners", an authorised financial services provider (licence number 16213) with the Financial Services Board in South Africa, provides high quality, transparant and practical financial advice (a service to individuals and businesses) by helping the client set up a financial plan that leads to financial freedom, stability and peace of mind

please read more about The Lemon Lady's experience, working methods and business style on the following pages and let's turn those lemons into lemonade!

our vision is what our name says namely "turning lemons into lemonade"...

  • to simplify financial planning
  • to reduce premiums on policies without reducing or limiting benefits
  • to align the client's needs with his life assurance portfolio
  • to reduce and/or settle debt/liabilities and discuss practical ways to control and/or limit it
  • to assist the client in compiling a long term financial plan
  • to formulate realistic short term financial goals
  • to plan for retirement and other projects, within reach of the client's current financial situation